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29 June 2035 @ 03:13 am


My flist is pretty huge at the moment and I have a hard time to keep up with everybody so I don't add everyone back and especially not when you don't tell me why you friended me, so please drop me a line here or send me a message and tell me why you friended me. Thanks.
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02 January 2011 @ 06:16 pm
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15 August 2010 @ 01:33 am

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Today we're here to talk about cults slash sects.

Yesterday I randomly zapped trough the channels because I didn't have anything else to do (because I don't have a pc etc) and I stumbled this religious channel where a guy... said stuff. I didn't read the info but somehow that guy seemed familiar. So I checked and the info said that it was "Pastor Chris from Christ embassy" preaching and BAM it hit me.

That is the religious group I lived in for three month. That horrible hostfamily (mum) in london that didn't give me privacy, went through my stuff daily (incl underwear drawer! WHO DOES THAT?) and thought my hairloss (that wasn't that bad and the reason was only that I ate too much chocolate that blocked my iron!) could be cured with meditative prayer! So yeah. I'm pretty much scarred from that time. I watched that preacher for a few minutes and it brought back all that bad memories of that one time I actually went to her church where the crowed watched him on a screen and went nuts, screaming, breaking down, crying etc and I was literally scared for my life. Afterwards they cornered me in a room and wanted me to join their cult slash sect! Hell to the no!

The reason I'm writing is because I wrote a fucking huge report to the hostfamily organization and never got anything back. I was 20 years old and strong enough in my mind to not fall for their crap but what if they continued sending people there? Young men or woman from abroad, new in London, knowing no one and then getting sucked in into something that they don't want? I can't stand that thought!

Those people are not per se dangerous but they're a sect slash cult! I'm sure of it and just because they believe Jesus is their savior doesn't make them valid. My hostmum back then gave huuuge amounts of money (the rules say a certain amount but I can't remebered what). They have a religious figure who is kinda like god himself for them and also they think everyone else, and I mean everyone, is going to hell! An original quote from my exhostmum: "it's okay if youre not s believer but I'm sorry, your not gonna go to paradise then!!"

okay. Yeah. So if you ever encounter Christ Embassy tell them to stick it where the sun doesn't shine!
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31 May 2010 @ 05:56 pm



credit for the first graphic goes to the_milky_way. Second graphic by me.
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Or at least the basics since I can't remember everything.

My phone rang while I was sitting at the dinner table, it was Svenja. I answer it and hear muffling and her voice in the background.

Then I hear a male voice saying: "Hello? Rabi? Wie gehts?" and I'm like: HUH? but not actually surprised because Svenja promised that she would get one of the actors to call me if she gets the chance. So I run out of the room into the garden, breathing.

"I'm great, thank you. Who is this?" - although I already knew it was Jim because he spoke great German but his voice sounded so different.

"Well, this is one Jim Beaver, you maybe know me..."


He asked me again how I was, I said again, great. Then I asked him how he was and he said he was really good.

"Do you enjoy Germany?"

"Yeah, you really don't sound surprised at all that I'm calling you!"

"No, well my friend promised she would try to get someone to call me."

"You have really awesome friends then."

"I do. I wish I could see you and Misha and Mark in person!"

"Ah, let me tell you. Me and Misha and Mark, we're not really special (then saying something funny I couldn't understand but I heard Svenja laughing in the background). Where are you?"

"I'm stuck in Ireland."

"Stuck in Ireland? Woah, you should have come with me then!"

"I know right? I read on your twitter that you were in Dublin."

"I was. We really should have arranged something. Is that an Irish baby crying in the background?"

laughing "No, that are my neighbors jumping on the trampolin."

"Really, your neighbors jumping on the trampolin. (more laughing from Svenja) It sounds like an Irish baby. Why are you in Ireland?

"I'm an aupair here. Looking after two children."

"And you couldn't stuff the kids away for the weekend?" (more laughing. at this point I wanted to cuss but didn't)

"No, I don't think their parents would be very pleased with me then."

"That's true. I'm truly sorry you couldn't be here. I wish you were here."

"Thank you, I appreciate that."

"Hopefully next time they have a convention in Germany and hopefully I can be there again!"

"Yes, next time I will be there for sure."

"Or we come to you to Ireland!"

"Hell yes. I'm gonna invite all of you over here!"

Jim laughing, then: "That's a plan. Where in Ireland are you?"

"About an hour from Dublin."

"That's great. It was very nice talking to you. I wish you could've been here."

"Thank you so much for your call. It totally made my day. Thank you!"

"It was a pleasure. Auf Wiedersehen."

"Bye Bye."

Then he hung up on me and Svenja called me 2 mins later because he hung up.

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